Kush Gupta
3 min readOct 27, 2020


Lifestyle in Pandemic

We all are here in this Corona Pandemic and stuck in so many aspects of life. Few of us had plans to Get Married, Travel, Get Fit, or Increase population in 2020, and boom, we got COVID.

It clicked a Pause button in our life. We saw so many people losing their life, jobs, and their dear ones. We have seen people getting stranded at non-familiar places without food, money, or a place to live. Thanks to some people and companies with golden hearts, we have our job and stranded people reached home safely.

We were in the Lockdown for around 3 months for our own safety and to stop the spread and got the clean air to breathe but this time with a mask. Rivers are clean but we cannot appreciate that beauty. All this due to lockdown and it taught us that we can survive without exploiting nature.

We have seen the warriors in form of the Healthcare Department, Essential service providers, Cleaning Department, Bankers, Teachers, and Information Technology (to connect them virtually and help the economy run with less Human-to-Human touch) (added this so that I can be a warrior too).

Due to the unavailability of the vaccine for this near to unknown complex virus, bearish economy, and unemployment we are back to the new normal but this time with Masks, Sanitizers, and Social Distancing.

In the time of the pandemic, people got a chance to Work from Home (whoever can) which enables them to spend more time with family and fight, oh sorry, I mean being more productive by saving the traveling time. But this wasn’t it. It continued for a little longer than expected and people got into more meetings than earlier which turns into less productivity now.

Few of us became lazy as there is no schedule in their life now. People start getting frustrated in this pandemic time due to this indistinguishable day. People start losing a sense of work-life balance. Some got new hobbies and some lost their own skills too.

Few of us struggled a lot for good food due to the fear of viruses from outside and some mastered the skills of cooking.

And as Stan Lee says to Spider-Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

The same goes for the good cook and their family.

“With great food comes great fat.” — Kush Gupta

Few things, which we should be mindful of while enjoying great food,

Eating is not a problem, Overeating is: Eat mindfully, take care of the portion you are taking. Ask yourself a question, are you able to utilize what you are taking? If No, reduce.

Hygiene: Clean the raw items properly and never eat uncooked meat (you wouldn’t have to read all this if someone in Wuhan hasn’t eaten that uncooked Bat)

Eat food that helps to boost immunity: Immunity to fight against foreign bodies is always needed, currently it is for a war against Corona but in future, it will be for other basic viruses like common cough and cold.

Go Natural: We have multiple immunity booster supplements available in the market but search the same in nature, it will take you the long way.

Eat Seasonally: Nature is above us and it knows what is best for when. Cold Storage food is here to ruin our body and their marketing minds know how to divert the consumer.

Exercise: Exercise should be a necessary part of everyone's life, it can be anything. You can pump-up your muscles and be John Abraham (Spelling of Arnold Subhasnagar is hard to write) or just dance out the sweat like Salman Khan (He can’t but still dance) or just go for Yoga for being flexible like Tiger, not Shroff, the real ones from the jungle.

If you have eaten more today, obviously a little more exercise is needed. Balance is a must, no matter what you do.

“Perfectly balanced as everything should be.” — Thanos